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You move south, I stay behind. You found your love, and I found mine. We make it work, we do alright.
I would say I’m getting by. To say the least, it took some time. I miss you here, but I know it’s right.

My friend was showing me a bunch of old photos that she found. I had a nose ring, tongue web was pierced, my tragus, one lobe was stretched, cartilage, septum ring, etc. Mostly done illegally while I was underage at St Marks, NYC.  Now, I have two piercings. One in each lobe. Small, subtle changes over long periods of time.

Some of the things in my aunt’s studio. Safe to say she had a big influence on me growing up.


It is with great pleasure that Patent Pending presents: Mario and the Brick Breakers Behind The Music!
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Never a dull moment with these guys, check it out! (also your girl makes a split second appearance towards the end snappin’ pics haaaay)

It’s been a long year of missing you, Carly. I think about you everyday.❤️🌻 #adventureforever

1 week ago    

.. Do I have any connects to religious experts/theologians or ex-cult members?… lol… kind of serious.